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 About The Estate

Take off your shoes and coat and stay awhile. You're going to want to work from your home away from home.  

The location is tranquil and remote enough to feel completely off the grid and still be only a short commute to Seattle or Eastside nearby corporate offices located in Redmond, Woodinville, and Bellevue. SeaTac Airport is just over an hour away.


Nestled in a high mountain meadow near the foothills of the Cascades this spectacular find has exquisite detail in custom builds and furnishings.


The Grayson offers an unforgettable offsite executive retreat experience; a perfect place for you and your team to get away from the office and get some really worthwhile time together to accomplish whatever your group needs- work or play. I promise after staying at The Grayson, you'll be booking it again and again for yourself and your guests.


Enjoy the luxurious and thoughtful accommodations offered by The Grayson Extended Stay Executive Suites. Plenty of Piece & Quiet, and for our Night shifters, we offer ... wait for it... Booya Blackout Curtains 




                                                                                                  First of all, let me start this section by stating it will be brief



                                                                                                   because it’s really all about you. My name is Mariam Zinn,                                                                                                          and I have over 25 years  experience in the                                                                              \                                                          service and hospitality industry. I am also the proprietor of                                                                                                          The Graysonlife Executive Retreat

                                                                                                   Yes, We actually have a couple of Deluxe  Renters Return                                                                                                           Semi-annually Just to be Pampered and allow them to focus                                                                                                       on Work Projects 


Well, I may need to talk a little bit more about myself so you have confidence in visiting us. I am a mother of a

wonderful young man and the proud grandmother of two adorable little handfuls Riley and Lilly. I am also the

luckiest wife to an amazing husband and partner, Mark  He is an avid Gardner and meticulous craftsman.


We are a very balanced family, living through our passion for the outdoors and sharing our amazing

property. . . 


After owning my own health care business, I decided to

do something that I have always been passionate about. I opened the Grayson extended stay that developed into

The Grayson Life Executive Retreat.


My passion is helping others gain balance, transform their life, recharge, and refocus on their goals.  I enjoy prepping meals that are healthy, locally grown, fresh, and very good for you.                   


We enjoy having our own Organic Garden at our Grayson retreat.   We also provide you with several services that are designed to ensure that you are productive while maintaining relaxation. Being in health care for over 25 years really provides me with the nutritional know-how to provide you with the greatest meals. Not only are they good for you, they are also very delicious we have been told, and beautifully plated.


GraysonLife is a full-service suite, month to month for those wanting to achieve freedom of time. Imagine not spending your valuable time shopping for groceries, cleaning the laundry, or washing dishes.  Rather take a time to enjoy your life away from work, go mountain climbing, hiking, sitting around a fire pit, whatever your passion. Allow your time for fun, creativity, rejuvenation:  this sparks your passion for life and develops you to refocus on your paraprofessional goals making you more productive.  We provide an atmosphere of living free. 


At Graysonlife, we are able to help professionals transition into their new and exciting selves. We offer a feeling of home with the luxuries of a fine stay hotel, immersed in the presence of nature. 

I assure you that if you choose Graysonlife you will leave here feeling as if you have spent years reconnecting with yourself in your short stay.  Our goal is that you are always happy, pampered, and recharged. 



The Graysonlife is Family and Pet-Friendly

We have two school-aged community active children, a Great Dane, and indoor / Outdoor Cats.

We also have the company of the neighborhood dogs that come to the shout "Hey you, APPLES"    A.K.A. Deer from at least three generations here daily.  They are friends with our Cats and like to eat Apples. 


THE Crew, 

                about Us

"This is my form of Work-Life Balance" yes, I am sharing these personal photos because if you know me you know these characters too. 


I am Married, have adult children and grandchildren, WE ARE   animal lovers, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit, taking on meaningful projects as well as donating time to more than one Nonprofit organization.


I personally have great respect and gratitude for Heroes & Saints.   I am the Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran (thank you dad) and the police officer (thank you mom) I myself worked in Healthcare for over 25 years- retired to pursue Life...


I enjoy meeting new people, entertaining and spending time, lots and lots of time with family. I usually can be found in the kitchen, or being a taxi to our next activity. I often have 3 or 4 coffee cups going at the same time and I do misplace my keys from time to time- but hey who's perfect!  


These are snapshots from the phone of my full life and crazy family.  This is my form of Work-Life Balance. I have been so blessed!  I am Crazy about my GrandKids!

The Grayson offers family friendly attractions and a pet friendly experience.
The Grayson Bed and Breakfast features live music.
The Grayson Extended Stay features animals on site for a relaxing experience.
The Grayson, Seattle area Bed and Breakfast, has horses on site.
Bring your pets to the Grayson Bed and Breakfast.
Family fun and hospitality at the Grayson Extended Stay Bed and Breakfast.
The Grayson offers plenty of outdoor activities including hiking and walking trails.
Sunday brunch at the Grayson Bed and Breakfast.
Full service kitchen available at the Grayson Bed and Breakfast.
The Grayson is a pet friendly bed and breakfast.
Use our fully stocked kitchen at the Grayson Extended Stay.
The Grayson offers plenty of space for children if you are a travel nurse.
The Grayson offers extended stay and monthly rates.
The Grayson Bed and Breakfast extended stay is a pet friendly option for travel nurses.
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